Living Light – Park

Can a city park’s lighting be powered by plants? Yes!
We can transform an everyday urban park into a magical, green, interactive experience. The experience is based on the Living Light lamp, but suitable for larger scale. Together with Plant-e we developed an interactive system, where electricity-generating plants will react to peoples presence. Little lights, powered by electricity-generating-plants, will lead your way as you walk along.

Be amazed by the power of nature

CO2 negative energy source

Plant Microbial Fuel Cells are a CO2 negative way to produce sustainable energy, as the plants have the capability to filter the air from CO2.


Energy that we can harvest without damaging the natural processes. The waste sources from the plants transform into something valuable. This technology can be used anywhere in the world, the only prerequisite is that the plants live in wet soil.

Economical value

This system increase a city’s capability to store water, through its water basins and the removement of concrete for green areas. Biodiversity (in a city) is increased, as greenery get an extra economical value.

Reconnecting with nature

This application stimulates the use of more greenery in urban areas and create a stronger connection between people and their surroundings. Nature becomes an inspiring experience for passers-by.

The Park of Tomorrow

Rotterdam is the first city worldwide to realize a park with interactive lighting powered by plants: ‘Het Park van Morgen’. This park became reality in Rotterdam on the 18th of November 2019 in one of Rotterdam’s neighbourhoods: Reyeroord.
A 35-meter path will lead you through the electricity-producing plants that respond toward your presence. The Park of Tomorrow needs time to grow and boot-up. In certain weather conditions (like winter time and dry periods), the light might not work all the time, nature won’t be rushed.

For now, the Park of Tomorrow is currently undergoing maintenance.

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