Living Light Launch


Living Light lamp - first edition on the market


Developing a mood lamp that lights up thanks to plant energy was team Nova Innova’s dream. Under the leadership of designer Ermi van Oers and together with the technology of Plant-e from Wageningen, they managed to turn this dream into reality. June 25th the first ten Living Light lamps were handed over to their early adopters.
It will be their task in the coming months to build a bond with this special plant, which turns its light on when lovingly touched.

Magical light symphony

The day before handing them to their respectful new owners, the ten Living Light lamps were lit during the virtual launch and resulted in a magical light symphony. “It was an enormous adventure to develop the technology of plant energy and certainly not always easy, but together with Plant-e we managed to do it. This required patience, because nature is difficult to control and definitely goes her own way.” says Ermi van Oers.

Making of

“We wanted the story, design and innovation to reinforce each other, so we have chosen for hand-blown glass, a bamboo-milled LED holder and a 3D-printed cell capsule. This makes every Living Light lamp a unique and sustainable object.”

In the upcoming months, the Living Light lamps will be observed and further developed. The next step is to make this innovative design accessible to a wider audience. Interested parties can place a pre-order for the next edition via the website


Living Light, according to Ermi van Oers, is the living proof that we can work together with nature to meet our modern needs; "and how nature will take care of you if you take care of nature." With the Living Light, Nova Innova wants to show the power and the importance of nature and shed light on the mutual dependence between nature and mankind. Team Nova Innova, together with Plant-e, strives for a future where plants can contribute to the matrix of sustainable electricity sources; where cities are illuminated by the energy released from urban parks and where the Amazon Rainforest can function as a power plant.