Living Light Design Team

Ermi van Oers

Founder & Designer

"We should keep dreaming and visualise our dreams to inspire others, to come closer to a more sustainable energy system."

Marco van Noord

Embedded Developer

"Technical challenges, in other words, nerd-stuff is what I like. I love to search for the borders of what's possible to make the Living Light as energy efficient as possible."

Eva van der Velde

Product Developer

"Imagine thoughts become things. I love the challenge of materializing ideas and share that with the world."

Nick de Ronde

Interaction & Software Developer

"The Living Light contains a very complex technology, I like to explore how to make it simple and understandable for everybody."

Karlijn Arts

Chief Of Everything

“I want to make sure that people realise that nature is already supplying us with everything we need, we just have to tap into its power with care.”

Frank Fondse

Business & Finance

"I am inspired by a fair future for people and planet. My part is helping valuable ideas realizing a valuable business."