Fragment uit: De Toekomstbouwers, VPRO 2017

What do we stand for, what matters to us, and what future do we envision?

Our aim is to develop sustainable applications in the form of a powerful design, which we hope will inspire others and help shape our future in a positive way.

Product designer Ermi van Oers and Plant-e started to collaborate in 2016. With a target to implement Plant Microbial Fuel Cell technology in our day-to-day lives, that engages people with nature around them.

“We are on a joint mission to fuse nature, technology and design. We believe that the cross-pollination of science and design point towards the city of tomorrow.”

Meet us

Nova Innova team

Nova Innova is a creative startup that combines nature, science and design to generate crucial, sustainable breakthroughs. The team of Nova Innova has the aim to bridge the gap between science and everyday life, by developing sustainable applications in the form of a powerful design.

Plant-e team

Plant-e is the company that works on the development of products in which electricity is generated by living plants, and where research is done on the underlying technology.